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Frequently Asked Questions

How much should I budget for an effective Digital Media Managment Service?

Before you ask that question, it is first important to identify your marketing goals and review your existing marketing asset inventory. After you invest in all your brand creative foundation elements and your are happy with the overall theme and feel of your brand, we can then discuss the continuation of your marketing budget and objectives.

As a new business, what is the first asset I should invest in?

This is also based on the evaluation of our initial consultation. In most circumstances, securing a domain name and developing an informational website is a cost effective way to get the ball rolling. However, based on your target industry, sometimes just having a great social media presence is enough to get started.                                                                       TIP: Securing a domain name from the start is always a great idea, as you grow and create brand awareness, it would devastating if someone was to scoop up your domain name before you get to it.

How long does it take to get my brand online?

We can create most basic digital assets like a basic website, facebook page, Instagram page, etc. in just a few days. Once we agree on the best direction for your business, we get straight to work!